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Magical moments in the wild

There's nothing quite like those magical moments when we encounter animals or birds in their natural settings. From sweetly singing songbirds to large, lumbering moose, Saskatchewan’s wide open spaces make the province a paradise for animal lovers.

Plan your Saskatchewan vacation based on the species of wildlife you wish to see. Interested in burrowing owls, sage grouse, elk and white-tailed deer? Head for the southern part of the province. If you’re looking for moose, beaver, black bear, wolves or river otters, check out the North. The Churchill River area has a high concentration of bald eagles in the summer months.

National and provincial parks are home to a wide variety of species, but you may also encounter wildlife near rivers and lakes,  on the outskirts of communities, and in fields and stretches along Saskatchewan’s roads and highways.

You’ll spot other interesting animal life during your Saskatchewan travels. Domestically-raised bison (buffalo), llamas, miniature horses, alpacas, ostriches and others watch from farms and ranches as you travel past.


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Saskatchewan People

This famous author and conservationist was born Archibal Stansfield Belaney, but his friends called him Grey Owl.

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