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Personalities in our Past

Interesting people who shaped our province

Saskatchewan has become the thriving province it is today through the efforts of people from many different lands, cultures and backgrounds. Let's take a closer look at some of those people, and the stories that helped make history.

There are more biographies coming, and they'll be appearing here in the coming weeks.

Grey Owl

Archie Belaney came to Canada and lived with a group of Ojibwas in northern Ontario to learn their way of life. He claimed that he was the child of a Scotsman and an Apache woman, and began to use the name Grey Owl.

John Diefenbaker

If you fly in to Saskatoon, you'll land at John G. Diefenbaker airport. If you like fishing for world record-sized rainbow trout, you head for Lake Diefenbaker. These and many other honours have been bestowed on John George Diefenbaker, the 13th Prime Minister of Canada (1957 – 1963).

Tommy Douglas

In 2004, nearly twenty years after his death, Tommy Douglas was voted “The Greatest Canadian” in a national CBC Television contest. Among the nominees who Douglas edged out for the title were Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau and Terry Fox.

Norman MacKenzie

The son of an Ontario judge, Norman Mackenzie was born in Sarnia, Ontario, in 1869, and moved west to Regina in 1891. He became a well-known lawyer, an active member of the Regina community, and an avid art collector. 

Jean-Louis Legare

In 1881, the Canadian and American governments wanted Sitting Bull and his tribe to return to their native United Sates and establish a reserve, but the Sioux chief commented that he would only trust the word of his friend, Jean-Louis Légaré.

Tom Sukanen

To sail from Saskatchewan to Finland was Tom Sukanen's ambitious dream. Strong-willed and dedicated, he battled and overcame many obstacles in his life through sheer determination. Building the ship himself, he worked constantly for six long years, hammering away and planning routes. But when the project was almost finished, someone vandalized and stripped the boat.