Tourism Saskatchewan

Tourism Facts

Fast Facts about the Tourism Industry

• Total traveller expenditures in Saskatchewan were $1.63 billion in 2009, compared to the $1.47 billion travellers spent here in 2007.

Chef at work• Tourism is an export industry, and export sales for 2009 were more than $470 million. This is the money spent in the province by non-resident visitors.

• Just under 8.9 million visits were made to and within Saskatchewan in 2009.

• The jobs of nearly 62,300 people – that’s one of every nine workers in Saskatchewan – are either partly or wholly supported by tourism. Of these, 69% are full-time positions, 36% are in rural and northern Saskatchewan, and 20,165 jobs are wholly supported by tourism.

• Seven out of ten workers got their first job in the tourism industry.

• The average expenditure per person on overnight-or-longer trips grew to $252 in 2009 (from $231 in 2007).

Click here to view the 2009 Saskatchewan Tourism Summary Report.

About Tourism Saskatchewan

• Tourism Saskatchewan is dedicated to developing and promoting the province’s tourism industry. Working with members of the tourism industry, the provincial government and other partners, the organization carries out a variety of programs and initiatives across a range of areas: marketing, development, education and training, membership and visitor services, research, information technology and more.

• The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), the education and training branch of Tourism Saskatchewan, delivered training to more than 3,300 people in 2007/2008.

• Nearly $1.5 million is provided by Tourism Saskatchewan each year to the provincial tourism destination regions for their marketing activities and administration requirements.