Explore Saskatchewan using these handy itineraries. Find the trip that suits your interests, read more about it, check out the map and get on the road.

Exploring Saskatchewan Art and Culture

Countless Saskatchewan artists have been inspired by our southern expanses of wide-open, and a vast north country of endless forests punctuated by tens of thousands of shimmering lakes. Aptly dubbed the Land of Living Skies, magnificent sunsets ignite in shades of gold, magenta and violet, and night skies seemingly come to life as northern lights dance across the horizon

5 days

629 km

Multicultural Heritage of Saskatchewan

With the immense sky above and hopes and dreams ahead, roving tribes, European immigrants and eager settlers traveled these paths on which you will stand. From this fascinating vantage point you will have a new appreciation for Saskatchewan, both past and present. The vast expanse that is the wide-open prairie takes your breath away as you imagine yourself in their footsteps.

5 days

622 km

From Field To Fork Southwest

You are about to savour a side of country life you may never have imagined. From wine and cheese, to cherries and chickpeas, in southwest Saskatchewan you’ll find a country welcome with a twist.

3 days

920 km

Driving through Southwest Splendour

Saskatchewan’s southwest is a land of larger than life landscapes – bison roaming sweeping grasslands, buttes and coulees strewn across badlands, picture-perfect valleys and some of Canada’s highest land between the Rockies and Labrador.

5 days

838 to 881 (weather dependent)

On the Trail of the Mounties

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), formerly known as the North West Mounted Police (NWMP), are Canada’s national police force and one of the most respected and well-known law-enforcement agencies in the world. Nothing quite says Canada like the image of Mounties clad in the Force’s traditional scarlet tunic, and no other place in the country has closer ties to the RCMP than Saskatchewan.

4-5 days

1310 km

A Drive Through the North West Frontier

Explore the tumultuous days of the 1885 North West Resistance on a historic and scenic drive through Saskatchewan’s northwest. Follow the stories of Chief Big Bear’s Cree who clashed with Canadian government forces, culminating in the last military engagement on Canadian soil.

3 Days

397 km

Lake Diefenbaker Cycling Tour

Discover the beauty of Lake Diefenbaker and surrounding areas on an eight-day cycling journey that winds its way through placid prairie landscapes and crisscrosses the mighty South Saskatchewan River valley. Explore off-the-beaten-path communities along your route, and enjoy some of the extensive shoreline and excellent regional and provincial parks which make Lake Diefenbaker a premier destination for recreation seekers.

8 or more days

622 km

A Journey Through Cowboy Country

Saskatchewan’s southwest is steeped in a rich history of ranching and western culture, and ranching continues to play an important role in the local economy. This tour offers an authentic vacation experience that will bring you in contact with living legends, natural wonders and the adventurer within.

6 days

876 to 1001 km (weather dependent)

Canoeing the Clearwater

The legendary Clearwater has it all — unspoiled wilderness, thrilling whitewater, unparalleled scenery and inviting campsites with fishing outside the tent door. This Canadian Heritage River didn’t merely play a role in history; it changed its very course.

1 - 2 weeks

105 km

A Drive through Battle River Country

Embark on day trip through the picturesque country around the Battle River, where hostilities broke out in 1885 between the Cree and Canadian government forces. Visit the historic sites which preserve and commemorate the stories of those tumultuous days.

Two - three days

281 km

Hiking The Boreal Trail

If you are looking for a hike that is more than a stroll in the park, then start lacing up your boots. The Boreal Trail awaits you. Saskatchewan’s newest and longest hiking trail stretches more than 130 km through breathtaking forested lakelands in Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

7 days or less

Relax and Revitalize

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul on this relaxing journey to some of Saskatchewan’s preeminent wellness and spa attractions and recharge your batteries as you reconnect with nature. Go ahead and indulge yourself – you deserve it!

5 Days

451 km

Winging it in Saskatchewan

Smack dab on the Central North American Flyway, Saskatchewan offers some of Canada’s most outstanding bird watching. With over 350 species, the province is home to a quarter of North America’s ducks, half of Canada’s pelicans, the world’s largest inland concentration of bald eagles and a quarter of the world’s endangered piping plovers.

3 or more days

920 km

A Drive through the Valleys of the Saskatchewan

Relive the dramatic days of 1885 when Métis led by Louis Riel clashed with the Canadian militia. This day trip takes you north from Saskatoon to the areas around the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers, the centre of Métis settlement and site of the main battles between the Métis and government forces.

1 day

260 km

A Drive through the Count's Country

Walking into some Saskatchewan country churches is like being magically transported to a 15th century European cathedral, where larger-than-life Renaissance-style art brings biblical stories to life. Count Berthold Von Imhoff decorated churches throughout the province and beyond, and left Saskatchewan with a fascinating artistic legacy. This three-day driving tour originates out of Saskatoon, and takes you to the most prominent sites associated with this famous artist in the province.

3 Days

1048 km