Saskatchewan Provincial Park Camping Information

Saskatchewan's natural beauty and clean air make camping in one of our provincial parks a refreshing experience. Our parks and recreation sites offer a wide range of camping experiences to choose from. All of our primary campgrounds offer service centres with free bathroom and shower facilities and most offer laundry facilities and playground areas. Fresh drinking water, fire pits, fire wood and picnic tables are available at all provincial parks.

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Nightly Camping
Seasonal Camping
Equestrian Camping
Fall and Winter Camping
Group Camping
Campsite Reservations
Campsite Classification
Vehicle Park Entry Permit
Check-In Times
Express Check-In
Campsite Check-in
Accessible and Barrier Free Facilities
Swimming Lessons
Maximum Stay Campsites

Nightly Camping

Nightly campsite reservations are now being accepted for all Saskatchewan Provincial Parks using our Campsite Reservation Service.

Tutorials for creating/updating an account or making a camping reservation. 

Campsite Reservations 

  • Online: Campsite Reservation Service (Visa/MasterCard Only)
  • Phone: 1-855-737-7275 - Outside North America: 1-519-826-6784 (Visa/MasterCard Only)
  • 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. CST 7 days a week
*NEW 2018* Cheques and money orders are no longer accepted through the Campsite Reservation Service (website or call centre). If you wish to book using this service, and do not have a credit card, you may want to consider a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard. (Park offices, yellow phone kiosks and self-registrations stations will continue to accept cheques, money orders or cash for the time being.)
Note: Vehicle Park Entry Permit fee is NOT included in the cost of your Campsite Fee.
Vehicle Park Entry Permit fee (optional at time of booking) + Campsite Fee + Booking Fee

Campsite Classification

  • Electric: A defined campsite with electricity, access to service centre (showers), standard spacing with campsite furniture, firewood, water.
  • Non-Electric: A defined campsite without electricity, access to service centre (showers), standard spacing and campsite furniture, firewood, water.
  • Economy: A non-electric campsite without one or more of the following: defined campsite, access to a service centre (showers) within reasonable proximity to the campground, standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water.

Vehicle Park Entry Permit

Required to access Saskatchewan Provincial Parks / charged on a per vehicle basis. Fees

Note: Vehicle Park Entry Permit fee is NOT included in the cost of your Campsite Fee.
Vehicle Park Entry Permit fee (optional at time of booking) + Campsite Fee + Booking Fee

Check-In Times

  • Check-in time: 2 pm
  • Check-out time: 12 noon

Express Check-In

A quick and efficient way to arrive at your campsite. To take advantage of Express Check-In program, you must have:

  • Camping reservation made using the Campsite Reservation Service
  • Valid Transferable Vehicle Park Entry Permit; and
  • Printed copy of your email confirmation tear-off.
    • Deposit the completed tear-off in the identified Express Check-In station at the park 
    • Proceed to your campsite.
Available at the following provincial parks:

Campsite Check-in

  • Register at campground office
  • Yellow Phone Service - Available at Bronson Forest, Crooked Lake, Lac La Ronge and Great Blue Heron-Anglin Lakes, this autodialing, weatherproof phone is located within the campground or adjacent to park entry facilities, and rings directly to the call centre or a park campground office.
    • Register for available campsites or modify / cancel your reservation

Seasonal Camping 

There are 19 Saskatchewan Provincial Parks and recreation sites that offer the seasonal camping program, and the seasonal sites are always in high demand. Due to the popularity of the program, sites are allocated via a lottery system each January.

Seasonal Camping INFO

  • Valid accessible parking permit number and expiry information required for reservation and at the park.
Sites at the following provincial parks: (Park – Campground: Campsite #)

*Seasonal Accessible Campsites

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons are available using the Campsite Reservation Service for Buffalo Pound, Cypress Hills and Pike Lake  Provincial Parks.

Helpful Hint: When using Campsite Reservation Service, change the “Reservation Type” from "Campsite" to "Swimming Lesson" in the drop down tab, and pick your park. Reservations for swimming lessons will become available on the same day as nightly camping reservations.


Maximum Stay Campsites

Some campsites are designated 14 night maximum stay (June 24 - September long weekend). 

  • Campers are welcome to extend a stay by registering in an alternate campsite at the end of the 14 nights.
    • Note: Campers from the same household may not register back-to-back bookings in the same campsite. 
  • See Campsite Reservation Service

Helpful Hint: When using Campsite Reservation Service and staying less than 14 nights - include maximum stay campsites - if more than 14 nights exclude maximum stay campsites from your search preferences.

Equestrian Camping

Equestrian camping is ideal for campers who wish to travel with their horses and explore the parks on horseback. Services offered in each equestrian campground differ by park; but, they both offer the same basic services: corrals, tie stalls, and access to water ... and that's just for the horses. Human companions will be well looked after as well, with limited-service camping spots located in the vicinity of the corrals.

Available at the following provincial parks:

Cypress Hills

  • Located in the West Block in the designated campground
  • Picnic tables, barbecues, garbage cans and out houses
  • Large fire ring for group gatherings
  • Drinking water
  • See West Block Ranger Station for Trail maps and trail/road information

Moose Mountain

  • Contact the park directly for booking (306-777-2600)
  • Ten barbeque sites, portable toilets, no power
  • Access to water and corral for the horses
  • Ski trails are accessible for riding when dry

Saskatchewan Landing

  • Book online using the Campsite Reservation Service
  • These sites can be booked until the Labour Day long weekend
  • Campsites located on the south side of Lake Diefenbaker
  • Trails are accessible from the camping area

Helpful Hint: To reserve equestrian camping using the Campsite Reservation Service, change the "Reservation Type" from "Campsite" to "Equestrian" in the drop down tab and select Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park.

Fall and Winter Camping 

2018 Details to come

Group Camping

Group campgrounds are ideal for family reunions and other gatherings, as they provide you with a secluded spot where your whole group can camp together.

  • All fees are required at the time of booking. (Reservation, change and cancellation fees are non-refundable)
  • All campsites have fire pits and access to water and firewood, and most offer a covered cooking shelter at no additional charge. 
  • Other facilities including halls, pools and ball diamonds. (Services vary from park to park)
  • 14-night maximum stay: June 24 to the Monday of the Labour Day long weekend.
  • School/youth groups: Book a group camp area for field trips at a cost of $1.00/person, and receive free entry in to Saskatchewan’s provincial parks. Contact the park directly.
  • Group reservations can be made up to two operating seasons in advance of your arrival, and are available only to groups of five or more camping units unless the group area has less than five campsites available.

NOTE: In 2018 Saskatchewan provincial parks will be unable to accept group bookings and hall rental reservations for the 2019 camping season due to system upgrades. Group bookings and hall rental reservations for 2019 will be available at a later date. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Group Campsite Classifications
Small (up to 7 sites) Medium (8-12 sites) Large (13+ sites)
Electric: A defined campsite with electricity, access to service centre (showers), standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water.
Non-Electric: A defined campsite without electricity which has access to service centre (showers), standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water.
Economy: A non-electric campsite without one or more of the following – defined campsite, access to a service centre (showers) within reasonable proximity to the campground, standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water.

Available at the following provincial parks:

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park

  • Rankins: Large = 15/Non-Electric

Candle Lake Provincial Park

  • Fisher Creek: Medium = 7/Non-Electric & 5/Electric
  • Minowukaw: Large = 20/Non-Electric
  • Sandy Bay: Medium = 6/Non-Electric & 6/Electric

Crooked Lake Provincial Park

  • Group: Medium = 11/Non-Electric

Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

  • Valley Trail: Small = 5/Non-Electric
  • Sleepy Hollow: Large = 30/Electric
  • Sunset: Large = 14/Non-Electric
  • Hidden Valley: Large = 25/Electric
  • Lone Pine: Large = 20/Non-Electric
  • Loch Leven: Small = 7/Non-Electric
  • Shady Pines: Large = 14/Non-Electric

Douglas Provincial Park

  • Aspen Grove: Large = 15/Non-Electric

Duck Mountain Provincial Park

  • Deer: Small = 5/Non-Electric
  • Elk: Medium = 12/Electric
  • Moose: Medium = 12/Electric

Echo Valley Provincial Park

  • Hole in Wall #1: Large = 15/Non-Electric
  • Hole in Wall #2: Medium = 10/Non-Electric
  • Hole in Wall by Water: Medium = 10/Non-Electric
  • Little McLean #1: Large = 16/Electric
  • Little McLean #2: Large = 14/Electric
  • Little McLean #3: Large = 16/Electric
  • Group Camp #1: Large = 20/Non-Electric
  • TeePee #1: Large = 20/Electric

Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park

  • Electric: Medium = 3/15 AMP and 6/30 AMP Electric
  • Non-Electric: Small = 5/Non-Electric

Great Blue Heron – Anglin Lake

  • North Anglin: Medium = 9/Non-Electric
  • Spruce River: Medium = 9/Non-Electric

Greenwater Lake Provincial Park

  • Group Camp A: Small = 4/Non-Electric
  • Group Camp B: Medium = 9/Non-Electric
  • Group Camp C: Small = 4/Non-Electric
  • Group Camp D: Small = 4/Non-Electric
  • Group Camp E: Medium = 9/Non-Electric
  • Group Camp F: Small = 3/Non-Electric

Lac La Ronge Provincial Park

  • Sand Beach: Small = 4 Economy (self-registration only)

Makwa Lake Provincial Park

  • Group: Medium = 10/Non-Electric

Meadow Lake Provincial Park  - Dorintosh

  • Greig Lake A: Medium = 12/Electric
  • Greig Lake B: Medium = 12/Electric
  • Greig Lake C: Large = 13/Non-Electric
  • Greig Lake D: Medium = 12/Non-Electric
  • Kimball - First  Mustus: Small = 5/Economy 
  • Kimball Lake Group: Medium = 10/Non-Electric

Meadow Lake Provincial Park  - Pierceland

  • Murray Doell: Medium = 10/Electric
  • Sandy Beach A: Medium = 11/Non-Electric
  • Sandy Beach B: Large = 13/Non-Electric

Moose Mountain Provincial Park

  • Poplar Lane: Large = 15/Non-Electric
  • Aspen Meadow: Large = 15/Non-Electric

Narrow Hills Provincial Park

  • Ranger Beach: Medium = 10/Non-Electric
  • Lakeview Group: Medium = 8/Non-Electric
  • Group #1: Small = 5/Non-Electric
  • Group #2: Small = 5/Non-Electric

Pike Lake Provincial Park

  • Group # 1: Large = 15/Electric
  • Group # 2: Large = 25/Electric
  • Group # 3: Large = 30/Non-Electric

Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park

  • Group: Small = 7/Electric
  • Group: Medium = 9/Electric

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

  • Prairie Meadow 1: Medium = 10/Non-Electric
  • Prairie Meadow 2: Small = 5/Non-Electric
  • Prairie Meadow 3: Small = 5/Non-Electric
  • Prairie Meadow 4: Medium = 10/Non-Electric

The Battlefords Provincial Park

  • Aspen: Medium = 12/Non-Electric
  • Clearview: Small = 6/Non-Electric
  • Keeway: Large = 15/Non-Electric
  • Maple: Large = 15/Non-Electric
  • Poplar: Small = 6/Non-Electric
  • Robinson Bay: Small = 6/Non-Electric
  • Willow: Medium = 8/Electric
  • Lakeview: Large = 15/Electric