Group campgrounds are ideal for family reunions and other gatherings, as they provide you with a secluded spot where your whole group can camp together.

Parks that offer group camping facilities allow you to reserve a group of campsites in the same area. The level of service offered for group camping varies from park to park; these campgrounds will either have electric, non-electric or economy service levels, as well as bathroom facilities within the camping area with nearby access to shower facilities. All group campsites have fire pits and access to water and firewood.

Campsite definitions for group camping areas are as follows:

  • Electric – a defined campsite with electricity, access to service centre (showers), standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water
  • Non-Electric – a defined campsite without electricity which has access to service centre (showers), standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water
  • Economy – a non-electric campsite without one or more of the following – defined campsite, access to a service centre (showers) within reasonable proximity to the campground, standard spacing, campsite furniture, firewood, water

About Group Camping

Group reservations may be made up to two operating seasons in advance of your arrival. First year’s (2017) reservations are available now by contacting the park of your choice. Reservations for year two (2018) will be accepted starting the first Monday in April, also by contacting the park of your choice.

The non-refundable reservation fee and all camping fees will be collected at time of booking from the group organizer. Fees are subject to change.

Group campsites are available only to groups of five or more camping units unless the group area has less than five campsites available.

Most group camping areas offer a covered cooking shelter that groups may use at no additional charge. Groups may also book other facilities including halls, pools and ball diamonds. Not all parks offer all of these services; please check with the individual park when booking.

A 14-night maximum stay is in effect in all group campgrounds from June 24 to the Monday of the Labour Day long weekend.

Youth groups, such as Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or school groups are able to book a group camp area for a field trip at a cost of $1.00/person. School/youth groups are allowed free entry in to Saskatchewan’s provincial parks. For everyone else, entry fees are separate from camping fees and all vehicles are required to display a valid entry permit.

Group Camping Fees

Group campgrounds are categorized based on the number of campsites in each group area and a fixed nightly rate is charged. Groups cannot exceed the maximum number of allowable camping units indicated. If your group is larger than the range indicated for small, medium and large, you will need to select another campground of the appropriate size or reserve an additional group area.

Click here for a complete list of fees, including entry fees.

 Park Name  Campground Name Campground Category:

Small (up to 7 sites)

Medium (8-12 sites)

Large (13+ sites)

Maximum Number of Camping Units Permitted  

Campsite Designation:




Contact Phone Number to Reserve
Buffalo Pound Provincial Park Rankins Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC

(306) 694-3320
Candle Lake Provincial Park Fisher Creek Medium 12 ELECTRIC  
Minowukaw Large 20 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 929-8400
Sandy Bay Medium 12 ELECTRIC  
Crooked Lake Provincial Park Group Medium 11 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 696-6253
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park Valley Trail Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 662-5411
Sleepy Hollow Large 30 ELECTRIC
Sunset Large 14 NON-ELECTRIC
Hidden Valley Large 25 ELECTRIC
Lone Pine Large 20 NON-ELECTRIC
Loch Leven Small 7 NON-ELECTRIC
Douglas Provincial Park Aspen Grove Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC  
(306) 854-6266
Duck Mountain Provincial Park Deer Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC  
Elk Medium 12 ELECTRIC (306) 542-5500
Moose Medium 12 ELECTRIC  
Echo Valley Provincial Park Hole in Wall #1 Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 332-3215
Hole in Wall #2 Medium 10 NON-ELECTRIC
Hole in Wall by Water Medium 10 NON-ELECTRIC
Little McLean #1 Large 16 ELECTRIC
Little Mclean #2 Large 14 ELECTRIC
Little Mclean #3 Large 16 ELECTRIC
Group Camp #1 Large 20 NON-ELECTRIC
TeePee #1 Large 20 ELECTRIC
Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park Electric Medium 6 30 AMP ELECTRIC  
3 15 AMP ELECTRIC (306) 792-4750
Non-Electric Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC  
  North Anglin Medium 9 NON-ELECTRIC  
Great Blue Heron – Anglin Lake         (306) 982-6250
  Spruce River Medium 9 NON-ELECTRIC  
Greenwater Lake Provincial Park Group Camp A Small 4 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 278-3515
Group Camp B Medium 9 NON-ELECTRIC
Group Camp C Small 4 NON-ELECTRIC
Group Camp D Small 4 NON-ELECTRIC
Group Camp E Medium 9 NON-ELECTRIC
Group Camp F Small 3 NON-ELECTRIC
Lac La Ronge Provincial Park Sand Beach Small 4 ECONOMY (306) 425-4234
(self-registration only)
Makwa Lake Provincial Park Group Medium 10 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 837-2410
Meadow Lake Provincial Park - Dorintosh Greig Lake A Medium 12 ELECTRIC  
Greig Lake B Medium 12 ELECTRIC (306) 236-7680
Greig Lake C Large 13 NON-ELECTRIC  
Greig Lake D Medium 12 NON-ELECTRIC  
Kimball - First  Mustus Small 5 ECONOMY  
Kimball Lake Group Medium 10 NON-ELECTRIC  
Meadow Lake Provincial Park - Pierceland Murray Doell Medium 10 ELECTRIC (306) 839-6250
Sandy Beach A Medium 11 NON-ELECTRIC
Sandy Beach B Large 13 NON-ELECTRIC
Moose Mountain Provincial Park Poplar Lane Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 577-2600
Aspen Meadow Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC
Narrow Hills Provincial Park Ranger Beach Medium 10 NON-ELECTRIC  
Main Beach Medium 8 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 426-2622
Group #1 Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC  
Group #2 Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC  
Pike Lake Provincial Park Group # 1 Large 15 ELECTRIC  
Group # 2 Large 25 ELECTRIC (306) 933-6966
Group # 3 Large 30 NON-ELECTRIC  
Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park Group - Small Small 7 ELECTRIC  
Group - Large Medium 9 ELECTRIC (306) 725-5200
Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park Prairie Meadow 1 Medium 10 NON-ELECTRIC  
Prairie Meadow 2 Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 375-5525
Prairie Meadow 3 Small 5 NON-ELECTRIC  
Prairie Meadow 4 Medium  10 NON-ELECTRIC  
The Battlefords Provincial Park Aspen Medium 12 NON-ELECTRIC  
Clearview Small 6 NON-ELECTRIC (306) 386-2212
Keeway Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC  
Maple Large 15 NON-ELECTRIC  
Poplar Small 6 NON-ELECTRIC  
Robinson Bay Small 6 NON-ELECTRIC  
Willow Medium 8 ELECTRIC  
Lakeview Large 15 ELECTRIC  

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