Meadow Lake Provincial Park

What to do while you are here

Meadow Lake Provincial Park is the perfect four-season destination.

Water Recreation

With more than 25 lakes, water recreation of all kinds is very popular within Meadow Lake Provincial Park. Swimming areas and beautiful sandy beaches are available at most lakes. There are nine day-use areas throughout the park (Kimball Lake, Greig Lake, Fist Mustus, Second Mustus, Matheson, Mistohay, Murray Doell, Waterhen and Sandy Beach) that feature tables, barbecues, playgrounds and fish filleting stations and are perfect for a picnic.

Boat launches are available at most lakes, and northern pike and walleye can be found in virtually every lake. Some lakes are stocked with a variety of trout.


From short, family-friendly hikes to long and challenging hikes, Meadow Lake Provincial Park offers trails for everyone.

Boreal Trail

The premiere trail in Saskatchewan, the Boreal Trail spans more than 120 km in Meadow Lake Provincial Park. It offers single and multi-day trips and can be accessed from a variety of start and end points. As rewarding as it is challenging, this trail offers backcountry camping along the way, and also connects to several front country campgrounds. 

Hay Meadow Hiking Trail

This 4.8 km trail, winds through trembling aspen forest, grassland and marshy meadows. Listen for songbirds as you hike along this moderately difficult trail.

Humphrey Lake Hiking Trail

This 3.2 km trail travels through an aspen forest to Humphrey Lake, a birder's paradise. It continues along the shoreline of the lake and leads to a short climb up to the viewing tower, where you'll want to have a camera to capture the breathtaking panoramic view. There are some steep places along the trail and it's considered moderate difficulty.

Kimball Lake Hiking Trail

This easy trail offers a short (2 km) and a long (6.5 km) loop. It leads to Little Raspberry Lake, which is stocked with lake and cutthroat trout. 

Newbranch Hiking Trail

There are three lengths to choose from with this moderately difficult trail: 2 km hike, a 6 km hike and the full 11 km hike. Part of this trail is on an esker - a long, narrow, sinuous ridge composed of gravel and sand, deposited by a stream flowing over a glacier more than 20,000 years ago.

Vivian Lake Hiking Trail

This easy trail has a short, 1.6 km loop, and a longer 4.2 km loop. The Vivian Lake trail takes you through a jack pine forest to the lake, which is stocked with rainbow trout. Watch for common loons, red-necked grebes and lesser scaups nesting on its banks and in its shallows.

White Birch Hiking Trail

The White Birch trail follows the Flotten River. As you walk the 1.8 km trail, notice how bog cranberry, bearberry and bunchberry form a carpet on the forest floor. This is a moderately difficult trail, with some hilly areas.

Winter Recreation

Many of the summer hiking trails double as cross-country ski trails in the winter. There are more than 20 km of groomed cross-country ski trails in the Greig Lake area.

There are more than 45 km of groomed snowmobile trails throughout the park that are excellent for novice and expert snowmobilers alike.

Other Amenities

There are two tennis courts for visitors to use; one at Greig Lake, just south of the Visitor Centre and one at Kimball Lake, just north of the campground entry road. There is no charge to use these facilities and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Meadow Lake Provincial Park offers a wide variety of services, including grocery and convenience stores, watercraft rentals, resort and cabin accommodations, mini-golf, horseback riding and more. Visit our What's Nearby page for all of the details.

Dated: Jan 12, 2018