Geocaching is a fun, family-friendly outdoor pastime that is equal parts scavenger hunt, hike, outdoor adventure and gift exchange with a technological twist.

About the Caches:

At each cache location, there should be a waterproof container, a log book to sign and record your comments, and a treasure. 

All cache locations and geocoins are registered on  Once you find a cache or geocoin please log onto and tell us about it.  Feel free to post a message on our Facebook page to tell of your experience.

How you begin your search:

To start geocaching in the parks, you need a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone and a spirit of adventure.  Some parks have units that you can borrow, so please ask at the Park Office or Visitor Centre.

We have listed each of the caches with their name and coordinates on the website; click here to view our cache page.  If you forget to load this information into your unit before you leave home, you can inquire at the Park Office once you arrive.

Feel free to email us any suggestions you have on how we can improve our geocache program.  Comments can be sent to

The rules for geocaching can be found by clicking here.  Not sure how to select your first geocache?  Watch this video put together by

Happy treasure hunting! 

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