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East Central Birding


Birding Mecca

Saskatchewan’s East Central Region comes alive during fall migration. Tens of thousands of geese, ducks and sandhill cranes stop to feed as they head south. At the Quill Lakes International Bird Area, more than a million waterfowl, shorebirds and songbirds congregate. Just imagine!

For seasoned birdwatchers, the thrill of spotting rare birds is only matched by the overwhelming sights and sounds as fields, wetlands and skies are thick with migrating flocks. The sight is unforgettable! The enormous Quill Lakes and their surrounding wetlands are so important to migrating shorebirds that they have been declared part of the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network.

There is a good chance of seeing migrants such as Hudsonian godwits, ruddy turnstones and various sandpipers, as well as resident shorebirds such as American avocets, marbled godwits or rare piping plovers. Climb the lookout tower and walk the nature trails at the Wadena Wildlife Wetlands or follow self-guided Ducks Unlimited Nature Watch driving tours around the lakes.

Be sure to visit the oldest bird sanctuary in North America at Last Mountain Lake. Walking trails at the sanctuary allow an even closer look at wildlife and their grassland and marsh habitats.