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 Ukrainian Dancers

Ukrainian Culture and More

Evidence of Ukrainian culture is everywhere, from the enormous Ukrainian welcome statue in Canora to borscht, perogies and holopchi on restaurant menus, to the ornate onion-domed churches in communities throughout the countryside.

St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Yorkton has a particularly striking cathedral dome which has been recognized as one of the finest pieces of religious artwork in North America. Beautifully detailed religious art can be found in the Ukrainian Orthodox Heritage Church in Canora – its paintings, icons and stained glass are stunning.

The Ukrainian language is still spoken in many towns and church services. You will find traces of Ukrainian heritage in a variety of entertainments, including the Polka and Perogies Festival, held annually in Good Spirit Lake.

Other cultures add to the region’s remarkable spirit and character. In Veregin, an entire heritage village offers insight into the fascinating beliefs, practices and lifestyle of the Doukhobour pioneers who immigrated to the area from Russia.

Humboldt has deep German roots, evident in the city’s architecture, events, art and enjoying the occasional stein of beer. In St. Brieux, the community’s French heritage can be explored at the community museum. North West Mounted Police history, as well as Hudson’s Bay Company trading can be explored at Fort Livingstone Fort Pelly Heritage Park.