Tourism Saskatchewan

West Central Heritage

Multicultural Heritage

This region of Saskatchewan is home to several distinct cultures: First Nations, Métis, French, Mennonite and Doukhobour. At Wanuskewin Heritage Park, 6,000-year-old archaeological sites have been unearthed, leading to an enhanced understanding of the First Nations peoples that gathered in the area. To build on the knowledge you gain at Wanuskewin, visit Herschel, where Indian rock carvings and tipi rings speak of ancient mysteries.

First Nations, Métis and pioneer history is also explored at the Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre. Batoche is at the centre of Métis culture. Every summer, traditions come alive at Back to Batoche Days featuring Métis dancers, fiddling and jigging contests, and incredible feasts. St. Isidore de Bellevue has preserved its French culture, and at Le Rendez-Vous Cultural Centre you can shop for locally made works of art and sample excellent French cooking.

Rosthern is known for its Mennonite history, while Blaine Lake is a centre of Doukhobour heritage. The Doukhobor Dugout House, a Provincial Heritage Property and National Historic Site, offers tours by guides in period costumes.