These are the most basic building blocks of nature, and the heart of Saskatchewan. Come and experience the openness of prairie rolling to the horizon, the forest that lies on top of the north like a blanket, and the water that stretches for miles. These are the spaces that define us, make us who we are and bring us together.

Find your space.

Posted by Tourism Saskatchewan on Thursday, April 16, 2015


Saskatchewan is at once abundant and uncomplicated. There’s more time. There’s more space.  It’s liberating. The best escapes come when clocks don’t matter at all. As you disconnect from the stress of a busy, crowded life, you connect with the people around you.


The common link is community; perhaps the greatest insight into our province’s character. Saskatchewan’s is welcoming.  Join us - we are happy to see you.  Saskatchewan is Canada’s biggest small town.

Although half of our province is covered in forest, we never tire of hearing people say, "You can see forever here."

Posted by Tourism Saskatchewan on Thursday, April 23, 2015

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