Bounty of the Season

Crops are turning golden, combines are in the fields past sunset, farmers’ markets are full of colourful fruit and vegetables – it's harvest time in Saskatchewan. Here are a few suggestions on how to take full advantage of the season:

Go for a Drive in the Country
Farmers across the province are busy working on the harvest. After a short drive on a grid road, chances are great that you will pass a grain truck or two, come across fields full of bales, and see swaths of crops ready to be combined.


Stock up on fresh veggies from a farmers’ market
The bounty of the season is on display at farmers’ markets around the province. This is your chance to buy the freshest vegetables ready to be made into soup, eaten fresh or canned for winter. 

Take family photos during the “golden hour”
Saskatchewan’s glorious sunsets seem to be a little warmer at this time of year, creating the perfect light for scenic shots or portraits of family and friends. 

Embrace the rural life at a fall/fowl supper
In town halls and in church basements, fowl suppers bring communities together.  Attending one will give you a real sense of pride in our agricultural roots. 

Cast your line for fall fish
Warm fall days on calm Saskatchewan lakes are just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy the last days of open water with a fishing getaway.