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Great snow conditions make for great snowmobiling

SnowmobilingYou haven’t seen Saskatchewan until you’ve seen it from a snowmobile. Explore millions of acres of open land, zip across thousands of kilometres of groomed and signed trails, and be treated to a variety of landscapes that you could never see from the car, and that most people will never see.

We take snowmobiling seriously in Saskatchewan. More than 30,000 members of 92 clubs work together to organize events and groom more than 10,000km/6,000mi of trails. This hard work and Saskatchewan's climate combine to create great snow conditions. 

Snowmobiles can be rented at some locations across the province, making it easier to sample this great winter activity. If you are a more seasoned sledder, plan a longer trip and stay at some of Saskatchewan’s unique accommodations enroute, including hotels, resorts, B&Bs, or winterized provincial park facilities.

Current Conditions

Check out current area and trail conditions courtesy of the Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association.

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