Tourism Saskatchewan


Lovely sunset - now where's the mall?

It just wouldn’t be a proper vacation if you didn’t return home with at least a couple of extra bags, and with fantastic Saskatchewan shopping opportunities, it’s easy to load up. Let’s start downtown.

Saskatoon’s Midtown Plaza and Regina’s Cornwall Centre anchor the two main cities’ downtowns, and great local and specialty shops within walking distance fill the surrounding streets. Suburban malls serve the outskirts, while character neighborhoods feature unique products and funky restaurants. Big box stores and national chains serve most Saskatchewan cities, usually clustered in dedicated areas.

To take home a piece of Saskatchewan, though, you’ll want to hit the one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques you’ll find nowhere else. All across the province, friendly folk selling hand-made jewelry, famous Saskatchewan pottery, crafts, specialty items, vintage clothing, hand-made furniture, gifts and much more will help you reach your carry-on limit at the airport!

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Have You Been?

Looking for that perfect Saskatchewan souvenir or gift?

Check out the shops in galleries like the MacKenzie in Regina or the Mendel in Saskatoon.