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Village of Beechy
Beechy Location: 7.2km W of Beechy on Hwy 342, then 29km S on Howendale Road. Follow signs and ensure all gates are closed as trail is located on private land. See "Related Links" or Beechy website for detailed map.
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Hiking Trails
The Beechy Sandcastles and Sunken Hill Trail is a driving trail that can also be travelled by foot and bicycle; however, part of the trail will be inaccessible during the winter months and after a rainfall. Along the trail, you will see breathtaking views of large sand dunes, teepee rings, and the famous Sunken Hill, a plateau hill that sank suddenly years ago, exposing cracks on the hillside and providing a truly unique sightseeing experience. The area is also home to an abundance of wildlife, amphibian and bird species, including elk, prairie falcons, antelope, bull snakes, moose, coyotes, golden eagles, foxes, deer, gophers and sharp-tailed grouse.Visitors are asked to close all gates behind them as they enter and leave the trail, as it is located on private land.

Open Year Round

Nearby Attractions

Village amenities include: restaurants, accommodations, grocery store, service station, campground, skating rink, nine hole golf course, playground, baseball diamond, curling rink, dinner theatre. Camping also available at Prairie Lake Regional Park.

Trail Stats

  • Length : Roughly 39km
  • Difficulty : Beginner
  • Surface : Gravel and dirt road
  • Environment : Mixed Grassland Ecoregion - coulees, rolling hills, sand dunes, unique land formations; Lake Diefenbaker view

Trail Activities

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Driving