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Resort Village of Candle Lake
Candle Lake Location: Candle Lake Provincial Park, Resort Village of Candle Lake, approximately 80km NE of Prince Albert via Hwys 55 and 120 on paved road.
Cycling Trails
Hiking Trails
Hiking Trails
Limited Wheelchair Access
Cross-country Ski Trails
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The Resort Village of Candle Lake, the Candle Lake Provincial Park and the surrounding area offer a variety of excellent paved and natural terrain trails that provide roughly 58km of trails for walkers, cyclists, hikers and cross-country skiers.The Minowukaw Nature Trail, located in the provincial park, offers four beginner to intermediate level hiking, walking, cycling and cross-country ski routes, including the Centre Trail, Outside Loop, Bottom Loop and the Lake Lookout path. The Centre Trail (2km one way) is a fairly easy trail leading to the Old Baldy Lookout point. It features gentle slopes and generally flat terrain; however, there is a 100m area that is a very steep climb. The Outside Loop (5.8km) is mostly flat, but half of the route has some steeper inclines, so this route is recommended for more advanced hikers. Meanwhile, the Bottom Loop (2.3km) and Lake Lookout (1.2km) routes are designed for beginner hikers and walkers.In the wintertime, these routes are combined into what is also known as the Hill Top Trail for intermediate level cross-country skiers. During this time, small fires are allowed in the designated fire pits to act as warm-up areas for the skiers.Parking is also available at the start of the Minowukaw Nature Trail, and while on the trail, you will likely encounter a variety of wildlife and bird species, including deer, elk, spruce grouse, red squirrels, snowshoe hares and ruffed grouse.There are a number of other popular trails in the Candle Lake area, particularly ones that are ideal for walking and cycling activities. The Resort Village Community Trail consists of two major pathways - the Fisher Creek Trail and the Sandy Bay and Musker Trout Pond Trail - which are designed for beginners, travel through the village and feature picturesque views of Candle Lake. Two paved trails - the Waskateena Beach (1.3km) and West Side Bike trails (2.3km) - ensure that people of all ages and abilities can get out and enjoy the trails. The Simon Lehne (2km) and Tapawingo trails (3km) connect several trails in the area. The Northview (2.3km), Old Horse (4.4km), Nobles Point Forest (1.6km) and the Nobles Point Shoreline trails travel through forested areas. Unfortunately, the trails in these forested areas are not being maintained at this time, and visitors are asked to watch for deadfall trees.Meanwhile, cross-country skiing and hiking enthusiasts will love the Old Baldy Trail (which can range in length from 1.2km to 5.3km), the Bay Lake Trail #1 (a 4.3km long, groomed, intermediate level trail), and Bay Lake Trail #2 (a 4.5km long, groomed, beginner level trail that can feature some wet sections in the spring, summer and fall).Just 3km S of Candle Lake is the Homestead Heritage Forest, which boasts five hiking and cross-country ski trails totalling 4.7km and are full of history and breathtaking scenery. Along the Beaver Pond Trail (1.3km) you will see beavers hard at work building a dam, as well as the original homestead of Ansgar and Christina Aschim. The Aschim's originally purchased the homestead in 1932 to farm, but they eventually became woodlot managers, harvesting trees for export to Wisconsin, USA, which also helped prevent forest fires and improve the overall quality of the area's white spruce forest.Scenes of marshes, prairie grasses, berry bushes and wildflowers can also be seen along the other trails in the Heritage Forest, including the Homestead Trail (1.2km), the Canoe Landing Trail (0.2km), the Mossey Glen Trail (1km) and the Forestry Trail (1km). Visitors to the area will also be able to see ruts from a wagon supply train that brought supplies to General Frederick Middleton's troops during the 1885 North West Rebellion and later became a well-used logging trail.The first 500 - 600m of the Minowukaw Nature Trail can be nearly impassible in the spring and summer due to wet weather and moisture conditions. Visitors are asked to respect the trails by taking all garbage with them, not taking any souvenirs from the trails (except photos), staying on the pathways, and keeping a distance from all wildlife and bird species. ATVs and snowmobiles are not allowed on trails in the Candle Lake or provincial park areas.

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Park and resort amenities include: benches, parking, fire pits (winter only), rest areas, accommodations, miniature golf, restaurants, marina, store, golf course, service station.

Trail Stats

  • Length : Roughly 58km
  • Difficulty : Beginner to intermediate
  • Surface : Natural terrain, pavement
  • Environment : Mid-Boreal Uplands Ecoregion - mixed forest, some steep inclines, lake views

Trail Activities

  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Birdwatching
  • Geocaching
  • Cross-country skiing