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Nature Saskatchewan
Turtle Lake Location: Turtle Lake Sanctuary is located approximately 35km NW of Glaslyn along the E shore of Turtle Lake, between the resort beaches of Turtle Lake Lodge and Indian Point.
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Cross-country Ski Trails
The Turtle Lake Nature Sanctuary spans over 112 acres and features self-guided trails that are perfect for hiking, cycling and cross-country skiing. The sanctuary is home to 35 mammal, 60 lichen, 220 bird and 260 different plant species, making it a perfect location for getting away from the city and back to the "great outdoors." During your visit, you may encounter beavers, ospreys, frogs, bald eagles, chipmunks, warblers, coyotes, squirrels, moose, great blue herons, bears, pelicans, foxes, pileated woodpeckers, deer and kinglets. Some of the plant species you may also see include: marsh marigold, western red lilies, orchids, goldenrod, dry ground cranberry, asters and a tree that is over 150 years old.Visitors are strongly encouraged to bring binoculars, bug repellant and sunscreen, as well as wear a hat when visiting the area. Please remember to watch out for and use caution around moose and bears. Do not travel alone and make noise while on the trails to avoid startling these great animals. Visitors are also reminded to watch out for falling tree limbs and trees during windy days as many of the trees in the sanctuary are getting older and are more susceptible to wind damage.

Open Year Round

Nearby Attractions

Amenities include: interpretive signs, lookout points, parking lot and benches.

Trail Stats

  • Length : 2 hours for a walking tour
  • Difficulty : Beginner to intermediate
  • Surface : Natural terrain
  • Environment : Mid-Boreal Uplands Ecoregion - boreal wetland and upland mixed forest dominated by aspen, poplar and white spruce.

Trail Activities

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Birdwatching
  • Cross-country skiing