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Tours originate from Rockglen Visitor Centre (in the old railway station), junction of Hwys 2 and 18.

Local tours allow you to experience one of four places untouched by the last glacier, where fossils and petrified wood lie on the earth's surface. Guided "Sitting Bull" tours are also available. Contact us for pre-booked tours of this unique area of Saskatchewan. Each tour can run three to four hours.

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Box 134
Rockglen, SK  S0H 3R0

Tel: (306) 476-2002 / (306) 476-2144

Grasslands National Park, Killdeer Badlands, Wood Mountain's NWMP Post & Rodeo Ranch Museum, St. Victor Petroglyphs, Willow Bunch Golf Course and the Big Muddy Badlands are all within 1/2 hours drive. Meteor impact center 10km, Miocene era archaeological dig 4km, buffalo jump site 7km.

29-May-2015 to 6-Jul-2015

Rates upon request
Rate details: Sitting Bull, step-on tours $25/adult.

Self-guided tour
Trail brochure/Map
Guided tour
Step-on guide service
Tours upon request

Provincial Historic Park

Group tour services
Guide services
Estimated viewing time (hours): 4
Advance Notice Requirements / Additional Group Tour Information: Local tours have excellent viewing sites and hikes. Step-on Sitting Bull tours are guided, take in Lakota camp sites, buffalo rub stones, pemmican preparation pots and NWMP post - dependent on weather.

Provincial Heritage Property Designation

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