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RuBarb Productions presents Girl in the Goldfish Bowl

Moose Jaw Cultural Centre and Mae Wilson Theatre, 217 Main St N, Moose Jaw.

RuBarb Productions, a non-profit theatre company, presents high-quality, live theatre entertainment for the enjoyment of Moose Jaw residents and visitors.

Enjoy their Apr production, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl. Set in a small BC fishing town, 11-year-old Iris is firmly convinced that her recently dead goldfish has returned in the form of the mysterious Mr. Lawrence; the only man capable of reviving her family’s dreams and happiness. It is into the goldfish bowl of this absolutely charming ...
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Rubarb Box Office
321 Main Street N
Moose Jaw, SK  S6H 4V8

Tel: (306) 693-1773
Toll Free: (306) 693-1771 (Tickets)

9-Apr-2015 to 12-Apr-2015

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