Tourism Saskatchewan

Woods and Water

Look up, look way up

Up north, that is. If all you ever saw of Saskatchewan was from your car driving along the Trans-Canada Highway #1, you could be forgiven for thinking that wide open spaces and endless farmland was all there was to see. But Saskatchewan is so much more than that.


Camping at Danielson Provincial ParkIn fact, boreal and mixed woods forest cover most of the province, providing a beautiful backdrop for world class Saskatchewan outdoor activities like camping, hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing. As you move northward, the grasses of the southern prairie turn into the rolling hills and mostly deciduous trees of a transitional area known as the parkland. Continuing north, the transition becomes complete with the forest-filled landscape of the boreal and taiga shields.


Gentle meandering streams, fast-flowing rivers, and clean, pristine lakes – approximately 100,000 in all – have made Saskatchewan a world-renowned destination for water-based recreational activities. If you like to fish, you’ll love Saskatchewan; if you love to fish, you may want to move here. Canoeing, kayaking, boating, swimming or just lying on the beach as your troubles float away – that’s life on the water in Saskatchewan.

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