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Day 2 at the Ranch

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Day 2 at Sturgeon River Ranch

The beautiful Saskatchewan sunrise I woke up to this morning. Yes Mother, I WAS up this early!


Because my butt was sore from the ride the day before, Gord found me a pillow for today's ride. Sturgeon River Ranch will accommodate any need!


Saskatchewan: Land of Living Skies. We got another awesome day and the sky was putting on quite the show all day.


We took a ride out to another of Gord's pastures, which is home to some of his other horses. They were all so pretty and happy to have visitors.


Riding through an oat field, which was basically a candy store for our horses, so things slowed down so they could get as many mouthfuls in before we were through it.


Stopping for lunch on the trail. Things seemed to be going well, but I think the "Mantracker" incident happened shortly after this was taken. Not sure, but it might have been something I said...


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