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Photos from Sturgeon River Ranch

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Day 1 at Sturgeon River Ranch

My beautiful accommodations at Sturgeon River Ranch. The home is amazing and the surroundings are so quiet and peaceful.


Saddling up my horse Jesse for the day's ride. Gord and his guide Joanne were so helpful, taught me how to bridle and saddle my horse and then encouraged me to do it myself.


Jesse just had to try on my hat...I might have a problem with dressing animals in human clothing, but I honestly think they like it.


All saddled and ready to go. We were on the trail for over four hours that day. My butt really hurt afterward but the scenery was amazing!


The valley as we crossed the bridge into Prince Albert National Park. Gorgeous setting, even in the fall.


On the trail. Jesse was a great horse, like many of the horses at Sturgeon River Ranch. They are great for riders of all skill levels.


Our first wild bison encounter. He was laying in the grass and we didn't see him until we were pretty close. He took a short look at us and then disappeared into the bush. There are about 400 wild bison in the park, but often it's tough to spot even one.


Cowboy Gord on his Blackberry while riding. He said, "What was I supposed to do, I got an email!" He's my kind of cowboy...


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