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Agribition 2010 Photos Day 1

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Day 1 at Agribition 2010


Everywhere you go at Agribition cattle, horses and even goats are getting primped for their shows. It's like a giant animal beauty shop!


In my opinion, one of the highlights of Agribition... Mini-Donuts! They are just SO good. I felt it was important to document the delicate process that creates the masterpiece of the Mini-Donut, check it out.


Sally Bishop and the Wild West Show. She is amazing! These four horses are not tied together and she rides them standing up with each foot on a different horse...crazy! Sally performs daily at Agribition. Click here to view the complete listing of events.


After watching Sally's exciting show I wanted to be more like her, so I thought I better try on a few cowboy hats to see which one worked best for me. There are quite a few hats to choose from at Agribition, just take a look at my options.


Beef on a bun, an Agribition staple! The hardest part, however, is choosing which food vendor you'll buy one from. If you haven't noticed, great food is a huge part of Agribition.


Me and "Bridgette", an interactive puppet who tells kids about the importance of Agriculture. She is a part of Agriculture & Food Canada's display in the Agri-Ed area of Agribition. There are all sorts of interactive activities for kids to take part in.



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