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Agribition 2010 Photos Day 2

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Day 2 at Agribition 2010


A rock wall in a trade show booth?!? I spent some time in the Sport, Recreation and Tourism Trade Show Area at Agribition. There were so many different and unique booths, but I just had to try climbing the wall at this one. It's higher than it looks, you know.


Lunch time! Today I had chili in a bread bowl...very tasty. And, of course, I had to get dessert, which was a tough choice, as you can see from the photo below.


It's just not fair to make a person choose in a situation like this! But, alas, I had to. Want to know which one I got?? Click here to find out.


You are not seeing things! Riding a Bison is part of the Wild West Show, which is performed daily in the Brandt Centre. Here Dewy Wyatt and Sally Bishop are both riding "Apache" the bison. After the show I was lucky enough to speak with Sally and get up close and personal with "Apache". Check out the photos.


Another photo of Sally Bishop and her amazing trick riding skills. This cannot be easy, but it is super fun to watch!


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