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Agribition 2010 Photos Day 3

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Day 3 at Agribition 2010


Bareback Riding at the CCA Finals Rodeo. It was very cool to see these events so close up. A few times the horses came so close I got hit with mud! Now that's entertainment.


Barrel Racing! These girls are so fast, it's amazing. After my recent horseback riding adventure, I'm quite sure I would not do well at these speeds.


Every rodeo has to have a rodeo clown! As was the theme for the evening, he was wearing a Saskatchewan Roughriders Jersey... that oughta get the Bull's attention!


The Team Roping Event. Again, a skill that I'm not sure I could master...ever.


Yes, I'm eating again. I got hungry watching all the exciting acation. What you see here is an Elephant Ear...and I'm guessing it is actually to scale. Well, it was bigger than my head! Take a look.


The event everyone waits for...Bull Riding! If you ask me, these guys are just plain insane to be doing this. It is crazy how big these bulls are and how mad they get when someone tries to ride them. This is quite evident in this video.



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