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Road Trip Photos Hwy 1

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Grenfell & Broadview

Grenfell Info Centre


The coolest Tourist Information booth I've seen, located in Grenfell. See our Hwy #1 photo album for another photo that shows the cute little grain elevators next to this bigger one.




Broadview Museum


The Broadview Museum has some great artifacts outside and cool exhibits inside, including their feature exhibit, Sgt. Bill the goat. See below...


Sgt. Bill the goat, Broadview Museum

Sgt. Bill (he's the goat) was from Saskatchewan and fought along side Canadian soldiers in WWI. He saved lives, was wounded four times, but still came home to Canada in 1919. He died of natural causes later that year, was stuffed and can now be seen at the Broadview Museum.


Wolseley Opera House


Wolseley is a gorgeous little town that is full of amazing old buildings like this one, the Opera House. The pride of this community is evident down every street. The buildings are so well taken care of and the yards and parks immaculate. If it's possible, I may have a crush on this cute little town!



Wolseley Swinging Bridge


The famous Wolseley Swinging Bridge, and swing it does! Should be avoided by those who get motion sickness easily and small dogs that could be launched off and into the lake.

Wolseley Court House



Wolseley Court House, Provincial Heritage Property. It is the oldest existing court building in Saskatchewan, built 1894-95.


Indian Head & Sintaluta

Indian Head



Continuing my love affair with ice cream, the Dairy Mart in Indian Head serves up a mean vanilla soft serve cone!


Sintaluta Grain Elevator




Sintaluta Grain Elevator. A Saskatchewan icon bearing a cool name that's fun to say... "Sintaluta"!





RCMP Heritage CentreJust a short drive off of Hwy #1 you'll find the world-renowned RCMP Depot, home to the RCMP Heritage Centre. There's so much history and information on the Force today, and it's the location of the Sunset Retreat Ceremonies.


Legislative Building in Regina


The Saskatchewan Legislative Building is located next to Wascana Centre.



Wascana Lake


Wascana Lake is located in the middle of Wascana Centre, a popular place for residents and visitors alike.


Moose Jaw

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa



Spent some time in the soothing mineral waters at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa...was very relaxing!


Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory


Headed down to Main Street and had to stop at the Chocolate Moose Fudge Factory for some gelato...I have a thing for gelato.

Mac the Moose


Mac the Moose. You can see him from Highway #1, but he doesn't look that big here, does he?!? Well, actually he's nearly 10 metres tall (32 feet) and weighs about 9,000 kg (10 tons)! 


Chaplin & Swift Current

Chaplin Nature Centre


Before heading out I checked our mobile website,, for things to see and do on Highway #1. The Chaplin Nature Centre was one of many listings I got as a result.


Living Sky Casino, Swift Current



The Living Sky Casino in Swift Current. Very nice building, and that's just the outside!




Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park

Before setting out on our cross-province road trip, Rocco and I took at little detour south of Maple Creek to Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.



View from outside my room at the Cypress Park Resort Inn.



Loch Leven Lake, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park



Loch Leven Lake, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park.





Windscape Kite Festival, Swift Current

Before we set out towards the western end of Hwy #1 today, I checked out Tourism Saskatchewan's new mobile website,, to see if there were any events happening in any of the communities we'd pass though. We were in luck! We were able to catch the second day of the Windscape Kite Festival in Swift Current. Check out the photos:

Windscape Kite FestivalThe photos really don't do justice to the actual size of some of these specialty kites. They were huge!
Hay Bale MazeA hay bale maze only Rocco could get lost in, but the kids still loved playing in it.




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