Tourism Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Tourism Week

Celebrate tourism in Saskatchewan

Rediscover our beloved province during Saskatchewan Tourism Week, taking place from June 9 - 15, 2013. Celebrate by taking part in events and activities, such as public barbecues, community tours, open houses, flag-raisings, contests, and promotions hosted in your community.

Click here to view a complete list of Saskatchewan Tourism Week events happening throughout the province.

Saskatchewan Tourism Week is dedicated to promoting Saskatchewan’s wealth of tourism attractions, events and resources. It encourages a broader understanding of the significant contributions of this sector to our province and acknowledges the work of individuals and businesses that drive the success of tourism.

Tourism impacts virtually every area of business and commerce in our province. It engages people of all ages and from all walks of life, in communities large or small, rural or urban. Citizens are engaged in tourism activities, as business owners, managers, employees, and at the volunteer level.

Tourism encourages resident pride and community development and showcases Saskatchewan’s remarkable assets – our rich history, diverse culture, one-of-a-kind hospitality, and so much more – to the rest of Canada and to the world.


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