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Saskatchewan trivia

• The Willow Bunch Museum has a life-sized replica of Edouard Beaupré (1881-1904), also known as the Willow Bunch Giant. He was 8’3”.

• In 2006, British Columbian Kyle MacDonald made headlines when, through a series of eBay trades, he turned a single red paper clip into a house in Kipling.

• A grove of aspen trees near Hafford is known as the Crooked Bush. The trees grow twisted and gnarled unlike any other aspens in the area. It is believed that a genetic mutation caused the anomaly.

• Being one of two Canadian provinces without any coastline, it might seem strange that Saskatchewan is home to a lighthouse. Built as a tourist attraction in Cochin, it was erected on Pirot Hill overlooking Jackfish Lake.

• In 1991, Big Bert, the world’s most complete Telehinus skeleton, a prehistoric crocodile, was found on the banks of the Carrot River.

• Half of Saskatchewan is covered by forest, mainly in the northern part of the province. One-third is farmland, mainly in the south, and one-eighth is fresh water, which is found throughout the province.

• Saskatchewan has more freshwater, by area, than Alberta and British Columbia combined.

• Regina is home to more than 250 parks and 300,000 trees, shrubs and other plants – all of which have been planted and nurtured by hand as they are not native to the region.

• Regina was originally known as Pile o’ Bones because of the large amounts of bison bones piled along Wascana Creek. The Cree believed that living bison would not leave the bones of the dead bison, and that as long as there was a pile of bones, there would be bison to hunt.

• The Saskatoon is an edible prairie berry that can be enjoyed plain, with sugar and cream, in a pie or in a variety of other ways. It is also the namesake for Saskatchewan’s largest city.

• Folk singer Joni Mitchell considers Saskatoon her hometown – she moved to the city with her family at 11 years of age. Mitchell has also lived in Maidstone and North Battleford.

• There are 16 cities in Saskatchewan. Two of them were declared in 2009 – Meadow Lake and Martensville - and Warman was declared in 2012.

• Saskatchewan has produced more National Hockey League (NHL) players -  including Gordie Howe and Wendel Clark - than any other province. 

• With 250,000 km of roads, Saskatchewan has more road surface than any other province in Canada. 

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