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Tourism a major contributor to Saskatchewan’s economy

• Tourism is big business in our province. Tourism contributes $2 billion in total traveller expenditures annually to the provincial economy.

• Tourism is a significant export industry in Saskatchewan with visitors from outside of our borders spending more than $500 million annually. Travellers come from across Canada, North America, Europe, and Asia to enjoy Saskatchewan’s abundant natural and cultural resources.

• Tourism is a significant revenue source for hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, museums, art galleries, parks, outfitters, nightclubs, casinos, sporting events, shopping malls, festivals, craft shops, golf courses, and many other businesses.

• There were more than 11.9 million visits made to and within Saskatchewan in 2011.

• There are approximately 4,000 attractions, events, and tourism-related businesses in the province.

• Tourism provides full- or part-time jobs to more than 57,300 Saskatchewan citizens – approximately 10% of the current working population - and offers employment opportunities to youth and residents of rural and northern communities. This is more than two times as many people as the mining and oil and gas sectors combined, and almost twice as many as the manufacturing sector.

• Seven out of 10 workers got their first job in the tourism industry. For residents of northern and rural communities, the industry is a key source of employment.

• More than half (54%) of Saskatchewan’s tourism businesses and events are located in rural areas.

• More than 95% of tourism and tourism-related businesses are small- or medium-sized companies and many are independently owned and operated.

• The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), a department of Industry and Community Development, provided training services and skill development products to 3,527 participants in over 40 communities in 2011/12.

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