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Outdoor Activities & Outdoor Adventure

Enjoy videos that highlight Saskatchewan's forests, lakes, rivers and all the activities that come with. Here you'll also learn about the Saskatchewan cowboy way of life, our great golf courses and other unique outdoor experiences.

Attractions & Events

Saskatchewan is home to a number of great attractions, including art galleries, museums, spas, science centres, and much more. Learn more about some of Moose Jaw's unique attractions and a world-class jazz festival.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

Regina is home to the only RCMP training academy in Canada and the new RCMP Heritage Centre. Watch video of the famous RCMP Sunset Retreat Ceremonies and learn more about their history.


Culture & History

From the Northwest Mounted Police (now the RCMP) to rich First Nations history to exciting Metis history, Saskatchewan boasts a wealth of unique cultural history.



If you're looking to catch big fish, then you have to come to Saskatchewan. With nearly 100,000 lakes and rivers to choose from, that "big one" is out there waiting for you.



The fun in Saskatchewan doesn't stop just because there's a little snow on the ground.  It's quite the opposite. Learn more about winter vacation options that include cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing and curling.

Food & Wine

Learn more about Saskatchewan's unique and rich "beer culture". Or, enjoy video on Saskatchewan's only winery.




Saskatchewan is home to great people who come from great cities, towns and communities. Learn more about the places you can visit in Saskatchewan.



French Language

Pour votre plaisir, visionnez nos vidéos autour d’expériences uniques en Saskatchewan, telles qu’une aventure authentique de cow-boy, ou les Sites Historiques Nationaux de Fort Walsh et de Batoche.


Fun Saskatchewan Videos

Saskatchewan people are unique. The cold doesn’t slow us down, we love our Saskatchewan Riders, and we know what a bunnyhug is. This group of videos celebrates all of those things.


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