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New Interactive Map

A cool new tool has been added to www.sasktourism.com to help make vacation planning easier. Our new interactive mapping tool allows you to choose any Saskatchewan location, then quickly and easily find nearby accommodations, attractions and activities.

How does it work? First, scout out various Saskatchewan locations, zoom in and out, and pick a spot. Like camping? Click on the campgrounds box, and nearby camping facilities will appear on the map. Click on any dot to learn more about each campground.

Once you’re found a place to stay, find out what there is to do in the area. Activate golfing, fishing, outdoor activities, whatever you like – they’ll all appear on the interactive map.

Or, you can go the other way. If you love to golf, find Saskatchewan golf courses first. Once you found one (or two or three!) that look appealing, find nearby accommodations. It’s that easy!

Try out this new and fun travel planning tool right now.