August 2008 SaskSecrets 

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The We Are Many Festival

Saskatoon, August 22-24

Saskatoon is the scene of We Are Many (WAM), an arts and environmental festival emphasizing visible, practical, and permanent environmental outcomes. This pilot project is not just a celebration of green initiatives, it is also intended to help mid-sized cities to become more environmentally aware and sustainable.

We Are Many FestivalThe WAM model pulls together a significant proportion of a city's community, and asks them to agree to implement at least one of a list of specific, effective, and locally-relevant actions. Multiplied across the city, each individual action is intended to contribute to massive, measurable change. Workshops and symposia at the festival site will help people gain the skills they need in order to make simple changes to their lifestyles.

We Are Many is not only about awareness and lifestyle change, it's also about having fun. Activities and performances will run throughout the three-day festival. Celebrities include Fred Penner, the Weakerthans, Tom Jackson, Yann Martel, Guy Vanderhaeghe and Theresa Sokyrka.

The We Are Many Festival is working with the City of Saskatoon to measure post-festival changes in bus ridership, traffic patterns, landfill usage, energy and water consumption per household, and more. WAM also incorporates many side projects - murals around the city for public education, a Green Lawyers group, and many others.

The We Are Many festival runs August 22-24 in Saskatoon. Visit the festival website for more information.