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Saskatchewan History Trivia

What two animals lived in Grey Owl’s cabin with him?

a) Goats
b) Pigs
c) Squirrels
d) Beavers


d) Beavers. Grey Owl was a famous conservationist who worked in Prince Albert National Park during the 1930's. His specialty was studying the diminishing beaver populations in the area. He had two pet beavers whose dam was a part of Grey Owl's cabin. Their names were Rawhide and Jelly Roll.

Born Archie Belaney in England on September 18, 1888, he came to Canada at 17 years of age, lived with a group of Ojibwas in northern Ontario and soon took on a Métis persona, claiming he was the child of a Scotsman and an Apache woman and began to use the name Grey Owl. Learn more about Grey Owl and how you can see his cabin for yourself.