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Postmark Trivia

Each year this town gets thousands of pieces of mail redirected to them for the sole purpose that their unique “Teddy Bear” post mark is stamped on the envelopes. Which town was granted this unique post mark by Canada Post?

A) Elbow

B) Big Beaver

C) Love

D) Shamrock


C) Love. The village of Love is known at the Gateway to the Narrow Hills and is home to the Love Gospel Jamboree

How did Love come to be the name of this village? There are several variations of how Love got its name, here is one of them: “The railway was put through in 1930. For a few years there was no station, only a siding, but there was the odd car of wheat loaded by shovel and many cars of wood were shipped out. Bill Aestrope, and his son John, set up a cordwood camp here. One of their crew fell in love with a girl who worked in the cookshack. Their love affair was a topic for discussion on many occasions. One of the crew, who considerered himself a wit, called it the Siding of Love. It was a simple thing to change it to Love Siding which finally became the Village of Love.” (Russell, E.T. What’s in a Name. The Story Behind Saskatchewan Place Names. Saskatoon: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1980. Third Edition.)