July 2009 SaskSecrets 

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Welcome! You are viewing an archived issue of SaskSecrets, Tourism Saskatchewan's Online Newsletter, from July 2009. To read the current issue of SaskSecrets, click here.

First Time Canoeist Documents Her Saskatchewan Adventure

In front of Stanley Mission ChurchTo avid canoeists and kayakers, northern Saskatchewan ranks as one of the world’s great adventure destinations. However, Saskatchewan is also a great place for first-time canoeists to learn the skills of paddling.  

Like explorers did in centuries past, you can paddle great distances across a vast, unspoiled wilderness via interconnecting lakes and rivers that seldom see human beings. The Churchill system surges with rapids and tumbles over falls, but it also connects dozens of quiet, beautiful lakes and provides routes for canoeists of all skill levels.

First-time canoeist Molly Penrose

One young woman from Humboldt Saskatchewan ventured out on her first canoe adventure in August 2008, with the Legends of the Shield canoe tour offered by CanoeSki Discovery Company.  Molly Penrose, a plucky young woman looking for wilderness adventure, rose to the occasion with a few challenges on this trip. 

Aboriginal rock paintings on Churchill RiverThe wind was one of these challenges. In her words, “we would brave the wind like the mighty voyageurs! ...as we set out through large rollers, our bows dipping into the valleys of water, hoots and hollers rippled excitedly over the wind, but we paddled on with a wild and rare enthusiasm!” Later she says of her first portage, it was “rough around the edges…but fantastic!” 

Click here to read Molly’s entire spirited account of her canoeing and portaging adventures with CanoeSki Discovery Company in her story “Getting into the Spirit of an Untamed Wilderness”.

Thinking about planning your own canoe adventure?

Experienced Saskatchewan outfitters provide equipment, instruction, guides and assistance in choosing the canoe or kayak trip that’s right for you. Choose from over 50 mapped and documented routes or strike out on your own. From the wild north to the gentle valleys and peaceful rivers of the south, the sights and sounds of your Saskatchewan canoe or kayak adventure will stay with you forever. Click here to find a canoe or kayak outfitter.