July 2010 SaskSecrets

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Theatre On The Hoof

Spirit of the TrailsA new outdoor theatre production will tour historical locations in the Qu'Appelle Valley this summer, bringing a dynamic new experience to the frontier tradition. 

This "wild west show" is called The Spirits of the Trail, and will open in Fort Qu’Appelle on August 14, 2010, and will proceed west along the valley on horseback and Red River cart to Echo Valley Provincial Park, Pasqua First Nation, and the town of Lumsden.

The cast of five in the drama includes NWMP officer James Walsh; the famous Sioux chief Sitting Bull; Louis Leveille, the Mètis scout for the NWMP, medicine man Old Raven, and Sitting Bull's niece Molly Whitetooth.

The drama begins at 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 14, followed by an outdoor  supper, then a two-hour "campfire concert" at the fort, featuring professional and local entertainers, including musicians, dancers, cowboy poets, and local story-tellers. The whole event will be a celebration of Qu’Appelle valley history and culture.

The story of Walsh and Sitting Bull's friendship is one of the most fascinating episodes of early Saskatchewan history. The "horse opera" tours the NWMP historical trail between Wood Mountain and Fort Walsh in 2010.  Next year, following this year's pilot project, Burning Sun Productions hopes to run the tour along the entire valley, from Moose Jaw to Round Lake.

To learn more about The Spirits of the Trail, visit www.burningsun.ca.