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Welcome! You are viewing an archived issue of SaskSecrets, Tourism Saskatchewan's Online Newsletter, from June 2012. To read the current issue of SaskSecrets, click here.

Saskatchewan Tipi Trivia

Which Saskatchewan attraction offers visitors overnight accommodation in a traditional tipi year-round?

a) Batoche National Historic Site
b) Wanuskewin National Historic Site
c) Ancient Echoes Interpretive Centre
d) Poundmaker Historical Centre 


b) Wanuskewin National Historic Site, located just north of Saskatoon. This unique attraction located in the Opimihaw Valley allows visitors to interpret over 6,000 years of Northern Plains Indian culture. 

Wanuskewin also offers an overnight tipi package. Sit around the fire while listening to traditional stories and learn about First Nations traditional living while snacking on Bannock and Muskeg Tea. Understand why this was a place of worship and celebration and begin to learn about the history the prairie. Examples of other programs available include tipi raising and a medicine walk.  If you are feeling adventurous “Pe kapaysik miykowapi” (come and spend the night) at Wanuskewin!

This year, Wanuskewin National Historic Site will celebrate its 20th anniversary with exciting events, including a powwow. Click here to learn more.