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Welcome! You are viewing an archived issue of SaskSecrets, Tourism Saskatchewan's Online Newsletter, from May 2012. To read the current issue of SaskSecrets, click here.

Saskatchewan Lake Trivia

What Saskatchewan lake has a similar mineral content to that found in the Dead Sea of Israel and Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic, which causes buoyancy and has therapeutic properties?

a) Little Quill Lake
b) Good Spirit Lake
c) Little Manitou Lake
d) Muddy Lake


c) Little Manitou Lake, located near the town of Watrous at Manitou Beach. Little Manitou Lake is one of the most unique lakes in the world. This lake’s briny waters are unique to the western hemisphere, possessing natural therapeutic skin and body care properties found only at a few places in the world, such as Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and The Dead Sea of Israel. Minerals found in significant concentrations - magnesium, carbonate, potassium, mineral salts, sodium, calcium, iron, silica, and sulphur – give the water a specific gravity of 1.06. This translates to a unique, impossible-to-sink buoyancy that helps relieve pressure on tired or aching joints.

The Manitou Springs Hotel & Mineral Spa draws in the waters of Little Manitou Lake, so that visitors can enjoy them year round. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Manitou Springs Hotel & Mineral Spa. Learn more about how they are celebrating this milestone.