October 2008 SaskSecrets 

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Al Capone Trivia



What Saskatchewan city is said to have been a hideout and place of illegal business for Al Capone?

a) Bounty
Al Caponeb) Reward
c) Moose Jaw
d) Liberty
e) Crooked Lake


C) Moose Jaw.  Located in southwest Saskatchewan, just 70km west of Regina on Hwy 1 is Moose Jaw, a city of legends. Rich and exciting history awaits you in the “Friendly City” where it is said that Al Capone once used the tunnels beneath the city as a means of illegally transporting alcohol during the prohibition era of the 1920’s.

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw conduct two tours through the underground tunnels. The first, called The Chicago Connection, takes visitors through the story of the city’s rum-running days when Moose Jaw was referred to as “Little Chicago”. It explores the infamous underground activities and links to Al Capone with the help of tour guides/actors who are in character throughout the tour. The second tour, The Passage To Fortune, tells the tale of the Chinese immigrants’ persecution in Canada during the early 1900’s. For more information about the Tunnels of Moose Jaw phone 306-693-5261, email info@tunnelsofmoosejaw.com or visit their website.

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