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Haunted Saskatchewan

It’s rumoured that a number of places in our province are haunted. So, if you feel like going ghostbusting or sorting fact from fiction, here is a list of potentially haunted locales:

Bekevar Church, near Kipling
This Gothic Revival inspired Hungarian church is gorgeous, but on a cloudy day does a good job at tossing out the creepy vibe.  The landscaped and treed grounds, as with many rural churches, also include a cemetery,  so, it’s anyone’s guess as to who is haunting this spot. The presence on site seems to like to ring the church bells and people have reported strange smells and feelings of unease. 

Government House, Regina
There’s a long history of ghosts at Government House.  A man named Cheun who was a cook for the Lieutenant-Governor is the only person to have died on the premises and his spirit is now lovingly referred to as “Howie”. Some say they have heard his footsteps and heard doors opening and closing as objects are moved from room to room. 

Western Development Museum, Saskatoon
Over the years many staff have sensed paranormal activity at various Western Development Museums (WDM) in the province. There were so many claims that an investigation was launched to look into these instances and a book was even published.  “You Are Not Alone”, tells stories ranging from hearing voices and seeing falling objects to a mysterious lady in a red dress who likes to hang out at the café at the Saskatoon location. 

St. Louis Ghost Train
There have been many reports of the St. Louis ghost train. At midnight it is said that the ghost train will come down the abandoned rail tracks. A light will appear and pass, as though there was a train rolling down the tracks. Rumour has it that it’s the train of a conductor was struck down on those very tracks. 

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Photos from this story via Prairie Specters and Tourism Saskatoon