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Nipekamew Sand Cliffs

Did you know we have sand cliffs in Saskatchewan? The Nipekamew Sand Cliffs are a protected area located south of La Ronge.  At the junction of Highways 2 and 165 you travel 27kms east till you see the provincial marker. From here there is a gravel road that you travel along to reach a parking area and then, the rest of the trip is made on foot.

It’s approximately a 1.5km hike into the sandstone cliffs. This hike in itself is eye-opening and beautiful, winding through the lush boreal forest. Moss covered forest floors invite you in for a rest as the tall pines sway in the wind.  The trail follows the Nipekamew River, which offers up numerous photo opportunities.  

Then, with one turn you start to see the giant fragile sand pillars. An eroded sand castle of sorts amazes with its stunning, almost sparkling, white sand. The cliffs are a beautiful side of Saskatchewan few have seen. Formed from sands deposited 120 million years ago, the cliffs are a gift from nature that we are lucky to have the opportunity to still discover. 

Recently our travel bloggers, Carla and Alex, discovered this area for themselves. To view more pictures and their blog post go to: