September 2008 SaskSecrets 

Beaver Trivia

It is awkward on land, but at home in the water. Its likeness can be found on the non-Queen side of the Canadian 5-cent piece. This iconic Canadian emblem was a major motivator for the exploration of much of what is now Canada.

Yes, we’re talking about the beaver. In the early 1900's the beaver was close to being extinct in Saskatchewan. In 1946 strict conservation measures were put in place to help restore populations, and now beaver dams are common sights on many Saskatchewan waterways.

In October, beavers will be playing a prominent role in Regina, Saskatchewan.


What are “The Beavers”?

a) the name of a Canadian classic rock band from Saskatoon
b) the name of a semi-pro hockey team from Weyburn
c) the name of the Canadian Comedy Awards
d) the name of a Saskatchewan pioneer family

Canadian Five Cent Piece


The Beavers are the awards to be given out at the Canadian Comedy Awards and Festival, to be held in Regina from October 1 to 5, 2008. For more information, view the article in this month’s SaskSecrets.

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