September 2009 SaskSecrets

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Welcome! You are viewing an archived issue of SaskSecrets, Tourism Saskatchewan's Online Newsletter, from September 2009. To read the current issue of SaskSecrets, click here.

Saskatchewan Vacation Contest Winner's Trip Of A Lifetime

Mike and Tim canoeing in northern SaskatchewanBack in December we announced the lucky winner of our $6,000 Saskatchewan Vacation Contest, Mike Robson of St. Albert, Alberta. Mike decided that his dream Saskatchewan vacation would be a canoe trip in the northern part of the province. From August 15 – 22, 2009, Mike and his son Tim embarked on this vacation of a lifetime.

La Casa Nella ForestaMike and Tim set out by car from St. Albert, Alberta, to their first stop, La Casa Nella Foresta (photo to the left) near Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan, where they would overnight twice during their trip. There they enjoyed the beautiful scenery and amazing food. “The lavish six or seven course meals and decadent breakfasts were great,” said Mike. “The desserts were exceptional as well.”

The following morning, Mike and Tim headed further north to Missinipe where they would spend the night in one of Churchill River Canoe Outfitters’ cabins before beginning their canoe trip the following day.  On the morning of August 17, they flew by float plane from Missinipe to Trout Lake to start their guided canoe trip. 

Mike boarding the float plane“The most memorable part for me was the complete tranquility at night or first thing in the morning. Without the steady hum of traffic, only the sounds of an eagle or the call of a loon break the silence." he said. "We saw very few other canoeists or boaters during the trip but heard a few float planes from a distance.”

View from the float plane

“We were very surprised at the number of lakes that you see from the float plane… it’s a heck of a lot different than looking at a map!” he continued (see photo to the left). “For Tim, the highlight of the trip was flying in the float plane looking at all the lakes. He got to sit right up front with the pilot.”

Mike and Tim spent four days and three nights canoeing and tenting around Trout Lake.

Whitewater“Another highlight for me was going through the white water, I hadn’t done that in nearly 35 years,” laughed Mike. “During the canoe trip there was a stretch of whitewater that we did not try to get through (see photo to the right). In other areas, because the water was up to two metres higher than normal, we were able to go through quite a few rapids that normally would have required portaging. Apart from a little backwash in one canoe, which became air-born at the bow, we managed to get through without any problems.”