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Claybank Brick Plant, Avonlea, Ogema, Weyburn, & Forget

Avonlea, the first stop on our Spring Road Trip (yes, there's still snow on the ground but it's still technically spring!). Avonlea was recently named "Riderville" in a province-wide contest for the title. I'm not 100% sure, but Rocco may have a crush on Gainer the Gopher.


Claybank Brick Plant National Historial Site. It was operational for 75 years (1914-1989). They produced bricks for locations all over the world. Seeing how the plant operated up close was pretty amazing.


One of the kilns that was used to heat the bricks at Claybank National Historic Site. It was made of bricks, of course. But, the heat  inside the kilns is so intense that the bricks are stacked on one another without any mortar.


Charles Wilson Silver Collection, housed inside the Soo Line Historical Museum in Weyburn, is the largest one-man collection of silver known to exist, consisting of thousands of items. It is amazing how many antique pieces of silver are in one room.


Inside The Happy Nun Cafe. Fun nun-inspired art and photos are found throughout the restuarant. The food is all from local producers and prepared by the owners and operators of The Happy Nun, Don and Shannon. I was there on Open Mic Night, which was lots of fun.



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