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Photos Day 2

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Coronach, Willow Bunch, Assiniboia & Gravelbourg

In front of the Willow Bunch Museum, which features memorabilia and a life-size statue of Edouard Beaupre, the "Willow Bunch Giant". Finally, someone taller than me! Actually, Edouard Beaupre was much taller than me. He was 8' 3" at the time of his death. He lived in Willow Bunch from 1881-1904.


Rocco giving me a sad sort of look, but he's really having a great time. I honestly think he believes he's a human, just look at how he's sitting! And, look what he insisted on doing when we were at the Shurniak Art Gallery in Assiniboia.


The Shurniak Art Gallery in Assiniboia. This amazing collection of art belongs to one man, Bill Shurniak of Assiniboia. He built this beautiful gallery to house his art and share it with the public, for free!


Cafe Paris in Gravelbourg. This little restaurant is beautifully decorated, has a huge selection of food and drinks, and it all tastes amazing. Gravelbourg is a diverse town that especially embraces the French Canadian language and culture.


The Historic Bishops Residence Bed & Breakfast in Gravelbourg where we stayed. This is just one of many well-maintained historical buildings in Gravelbourg. Often dubbed the "Cultural Gem of Saskatchewan", it is easy to see why as you tour the town. More photos of Gravelbourg will follow tomorrow.



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