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Prince Albert & Candle Lake Golf Resort

Shananigans, Prince Albert

I came through Prince Albert at lunch time, and on the tip of a Facebook fan, decided to stop at a restaurant called Shananigans. What a great place! They have a large menu of fresh lunch options, a huge selections of desserts (as you can see to the left) and every speciatly coffee you can imagine.


I went with a veggie and hummus wrap, a fruit tart and a Mars Bar latte...all excellent choices!


I met up with Andrew Konoff, also known as the Saskatchewanderer. We had planned to have a game of golf, but the weather did not cooperate. It rained non-stop while we were there. So, we had to make our own fun, check out the video.


Candle Lake Golf Resort Clubhouse. This is the place for all things golf, but it also houses a great restaurant and convention-size rooms. It killed me to look at all those golf carts and not be able to take one out for a spin.


The rain couldn't keep Andrew and me from exploring the golf course though. This pretty little waterfall is in between the course and the clubhouse. The course is so green and in great shape...just really, really wet right now. Click here to see more photos from day 1.



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