Sandcastles & Sunken Hill

The large, natural sandcastle formations and sunken hills result from the collapse of a natural gas pocket making the rolling hills ooze prehistoric charm. As we hiked the views of Lake Diefenbaker drew us in, so we made the trek down to the shoreline. WARNING: this hike is not for the faint-hearted. The elevation changes aren’t something people normally think of when exploring the prairies, but the hike is challenging. That being said, the views and the chance to explore the shoreline was well worth the achy legs! 

The best part is, whether you decide to hike for the afternoon or simply park your car and take in the view, you’re sure to have a story to tell your friends.  

From Beechy travel 7.2 km W on Hwy 342, turn S on Howendale Rd for 29 km. Click here to access a map of the area:
**Please note: this natural attraction is located on private land. Ensure that all gates are closed after entering and leaving the area. Wet conditions may limit accessibility.**

Author: Carla Young, Tourism Saskatchewan

CarlaDigital Marketing Specialist with Tourism Saskatchewan. She is an animal lover, traveler and wannabe professional dog walker. 

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