Ghostly in Name Only

It is common for people to imagine Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast, near Maple Creek, as a place where spirits of the Old West linger. But according to owner Greg Hisey, the property has less to do with the paranormal and more with paying tribute to the pioneer era.

Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast

“The buildings all came from ghost towns, and when I found them, they all had the blues,” Hisey joked.

Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast is a collection of historic buildings and structures, most of which are more than a century old. Some are from nearby and have a local connection. Others travelled considerable distance before arriving at their new home in southwest Saskatchewan. Restored sheep wagons, a threshing crew cook wagon, settlers’ shacks, an authentic log cabin and an array of buildings from the past cluster around a main lodge that was originally a church. Picture a prairie village from yesteryear that has undergone an eclectic cowboy chic makeover.

Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast

Names like Govenlock, Robsart and Vidora, assigned to some of the cabins, are reminders of Saskatchewan communities that “turned out the lights” years ago and are now merely ghost towns.

Land and sky form a dramatic backdrop to the setting. Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast unabashedly alludes to the area’s dark skies in its promotion, offering “five million star accommodations.”

Ghostown Blues Bed & Breakfast

The property is a popular site for weddings and reunions. It also hosts concerts that showcase Saskatchewan and Canadian talent, and a mix of musical styles. A donation gets you a seat and all proceeds go to the musicians. 

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