Top Outdoor Rinks In and Around Regina

Is there anything more Canadian then skating outside in the wintertime? In Regina, outdoor rinks offer fun and enjoyment during the coldest days of the year. This winter, visit these popular skating spots in and around the city.


In 2021, Mosaic Stadium became the largest outdoor rink in Regina. There weren’t definitive plans to bring back Iceville in 2022, but here it is! As a dedicated football fan, skating on the floor of the stadium where the Saskatchewan Roughriders play is a dream experience. Book your Iceville experience today. 

Rink on Wascana

Directly situated in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building is a brand-new skating area dubbed the Rink on Wascana. Built safely on Wascana Lake and along the walking trail, the full-size outdoor rink boasts beautiful views of the Legislative grounds. This may become one of Regina’s quintessential experiences. The Rink on Wascana is free to use, and a warmup hut is open on weekends. 

Rink at City Square

On winter nights, City Square in downtown Regina radiates elegance. Twinkling lights adorn the trees surrounding the outdoor rink. This might be the most romantic spot in Regina for a date night.  Are games more your jam? Alongside the public skating area is a dedicated crokicurl rink. Inspired by the game crokinole, crokicurl is played with curling rocks on a circular ice surface.

Mount Pleasant Sports Park

Primarily used by the Regina Speed Skating Club for training, the circular track at Mount Pleasant Sports Park is open to the public during certain times each day. The loop is wide and long, making it a fun place to skate. Try racing your friends and family around the track. Or time each other to see who has the fastest speed. Check the Regina Speed Skating Club schedule for public skate times. 

Beyond the city – Echo Valley Provincial Park Skating Loop

Enjoy a day of skating at Echo Valley Provincial Park, less than one hour from Regina. Its Skating Loop weaves through the trees in the Aspen Campground. Bring along some matches and an axe to build a warmup fire in one of the campsite pits. Firewood is provided by the park. 

Neighbourhood rinks

A classic winter scene in Saskatchewan is a local outdoor rink where half of the skaters are playing hockey and the others are skating recreationally. Wooden boards line the sides and the community manages the ice for the neighbourhood children. Our family has one of these rinks nearby. It helps us stay active even if the weather only allows us to stay outside for 30 minutes. Check out these Regina arenas and outdoor rinks


Author and Photographer: Annika Mang

Annika Mang


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